When the cat’s away the mice will play!


As a result of dropping temperatures, infestations usually begin in early fall. Because of their body shape mice are capable of fitting through holes that are much smaller then you may think. Places to keep your eyes on that mice may be able to enter your house from are:

  • Cracks and holes in walls, floors and foundations
  • Gaps in windows or ceilings
  • Sewer lines
  • Drainage Pipes
  • Holes around plumbing and oven gas lines

Once mice colonies enter a home and find a safe and warm place to be, they rarely leave the nest you have provided for them. Some may be surprised while others not but mice multiply fast. One female can have five to 10 litters of about five or six mice a year. Then those mice can start to reproduce again after only 30 days. Within three months, six mice can multiply into 60.

You will see a photo that we have attached to this blog for some other tips on areas to put the extra effort forth to stop those little critters once and for all.


Source: http://www.familyhandyman.com/pest-control/how-to-have-a-mouse-free-house/view-all


Needless to say it would be in your best interest to prevent mice from getting into your home vs. having to rid your home of mice. However, if that ends up being the case below we have posted a link of ways to rid mice naturally.



Set aside a day of your weekend, buckle down and get this done. You will be happy you did. Good Luck!