Selling Your Home 101 – How To Get Your Home Ready For Showings

So you’ve hired a real estate professional with an impressive marketing plan for your property and have set the price…now it’s show time!

It’s all about first impressions! Most Buyers decide within minutes of touring a home if  they’re going to make an offer. Here’s how to make those minutes count:

  • Clean it up– The most important! Get that house squeaky clean.
  • De-clutter– It’s much easier to have the house presentable for showings with less “stuff” in the home. Clear counter tops & take magnets and memo’s off the fridge. You want to show the potential buyer the features of the house, not your “stuff”
  • Take care of the “honey-do” list- Change burnt out light bulbs, paint nicks and scratches, adjust hinges- the list goes on. While these all seem minor it make’s all the difference to the buyer and gives less reasons to offer lower than list price.
  • Turn on the lights-  Welcome potential buyers into your home with a welcoming well-lit home. Most sellers don’t do this and your home will stand out! A dark home can seem lifeless.
  • Good smells– Plug in the scentsy, light a candle or try putting 2 capfuls of vanilla extract and bit of water in a coffee cup or oven proof dish. Place it in the oven at 225 for an hour. Within 15 minutes your house will smell incredible!
  • Make the house easy to show– Have your Realtor place a lockbox on the property so the key is easily accesable  for showings. Lockbox’s are secure and your Realtor is able to keep track of all showings that have entered by using the lockbox. Be flexible with your showings. Shovel the snow and clear the ice for easy, safe access.

Keeping your property “show ready” can be time consuming and requires extra effort, but I guarantee that it’s worth it. Sellers that take this extra effort have much better success selling their home and often make more money!

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