Selling Your Home 101 – Price and Exposure Sell Your Home!

FACT: PRICE and EXPOSURE sell your home!

1)  Setting the PRICE: The right price for your property is up to you! It is your Realtors duty to help you make an informed decision when pricing your home by providing you with comparables:

  • Sold Listings- reveals how long the listing took to sell and at what price
  • Active Listings- reveals your current competition
  • Expired Listings- reveals what homes didn’t sell and why. This list you want to avoid!

These are the same comparables that licensed appraisers us when valuing a property and are the best tool for determining market value.

2) Exposure: It is your Real Estate Professionals duty to market your property effectively and efficiently to the public. Every Realtor has, or should have a marketing plan specific to your property. Internet exposure with high quality photo’s and plenty of information is very important in our technology age.


TIP: When deciding on what Real Estate Professional to use take a look at their listings . How do the pictures look? Is the write-up informative? Is this how you would like your home represented?

Price and exposure go hand in hand. Even with high quality exposure an over-priced property will have difficulties selling. With a great priced property and little exposure the same applies.  Price your property right and find a representative that will market your home effectively. I’m always a call away if you would like to know my marketing plan for you!